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BlackBerry  9900 batteries seem to be a great catch considering its ever ending power pack. BlackBerry 9900 Battery caused quite a stir in the market because of its lightweight yet solid construction and long lasting battery life. Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 does not weigh much, only 130g with the battery. You can hardly feel it in your pocket. There is one color comes in battery is black. It looks sleek and sophisticated.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 has excellent battery life. Despite its sharp screen display and fast processor, battery life is not a serious concern when using Bold 9900. You can listen to music all day long, use the Internet whenever you need to, and read long emails without worrying about draining its battery. It also has a decent call quality, which of course makes it perfect for conference calls. This quality range has impressive longevity in terms of Blackberry Bold 9900 battery. With constant use of the phone, battery life amounts to a day.

★Product Description
We are specialized in mobile phone batteries, the best quality BB 9900 battery.
Model: J-M1
Quality: Good/Best
Certification: CE/RoHS
Warranty: 1 year
Suit For blackberry 9900 / 9930 / 9850...

★Things to Keep in Mind
• Do not remove battery while charging.
• Do not place the battery stored in more than 45 ° C high temperature environment or in fire, otherwise it may cause the battery explosion.
• Don't exert external force to the battery or rendered from falling.
• Do not place the battery with conductor such as key, coins, etc, to avoid short-Circuit.
• Do not let battery be moist or put it in water.
• Suggest choosing original charger or performance reliable charger for charging.

★Overall the
Blackberry 9900 Battery is a great device, one of the best BlackBerry Smartphone that gives you a great set of features in a premium looking shell.

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