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The rumors are doing a fast round in respect of iPhone 6 with information gathered in bits and covered with anticipations, which the iPhone 6 fans are expecting in the 6th generation of iPhone series.

The most recent iPhone rumor indicates its launch date as July 2012 even in spite of the fact that there are struggles surrounding iPhone 5 release and as yet it has not hit the market and with no confirmation of its release date although expectations are set for its release in the month of October, 2011.

With iPhone 6 expected some time in 2013, we should look to the most recently announced Qualcomm mobile broadband chipset to be featured, which is the MDM9615, announced at MWC in February. The chipset features low power consumption, integrated GPS, and a dedicated processor allowing such features as integrated Wi-Fi hotspots without needing to utilize the applications CPU.

Qualcomm anticipates the MDM9615 to be available in late 2011, which puts it right in line to be utilized in iPhone 6 production.Papillion further speculates that Qualcomm’s new baseband chipset will be paired with the yet to be announced Apple A6 CPU.

Even rumors about the A6 are scarce, but there certainly remains plenty of time to investigate, as Apple will surely not (willingly) divulge any iPhone 6 information until well after the iPhone 5 has hit the market.

The patent is about a iPhone that is cut from a single piece of metal which will be lighter and thinner than all previous devices made by any other companies.Some recent reports tell that Apple is facing issues in A5 chip in the iPhone prototypes.

The most important issue in A5 is the overheating due to the marvelous new features (they require a heavy duty chip) and smaller form factor. In addition, the new battery in iPhone 5 is more powerful so it needs a heavier duty chip.Presently Apple is working 64 GB and 128 GB storage options to be incorporated in iPhone 6 variants.

We all know that Apple loves to create beautiful things. Things that is so beautiful that we can hardly imagine that even it is possible. The iPad and iPhones are the best example of the creativity of Apple. Now there is a patent found, which says that a iPhone will be made from a single piece of metal.

The iPhone 6 design that is presented still maintains the single-button simplicity of the iPhone, though the phone looks slightly wider and a little more rugged. The external antenna issues have apparently been solved by this design, which will be good news for folks who are still hung up over the whole issue.

A fancy docking station is also included as part of the iPhone 6 design, along with a solar panel that allows the iPhone 6 to be charged via an eco-friendly means. Would you want to buy this if it were the next-generation iPhone?



The iPhone 6 Features we can see are as follows:

  • 12 Megapixel Camera
  • Improved 1080P video
  • Pre-touch shutter sensor (Assuming this is for super quick action shots)
More iPhone 6 details coming soon!


After the massive hype about the iPhone 5 release date, that actually turned out to be the iPhone 4S, speculation is on the rise again about the when the real iPhone 5 release date will be. Based on the current facts, rumours and leaked information we believe that it will be released or announced at the WWDC 2012, in June this year which leads us on to the iPhone 6 release date details.

Our prediction is based on many factors, highlighting Apple’s iPhone lifespan and release date cycles is by the most accurate source, which combined with leaked information and insider knowledge gives us a very reliable and accurate iPhone 6release date prediction.

iPhone 6 Release Date UK and US!

iPhone 6 release date UK (And the rest of Europe): March 14th 2013

iPhone 6 release date US: March 2nd 2013


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